Capital Market Transactions on the Distributed Ledger

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) possess the potential to transform financial industries. However, the technology is still in its infancy. As with any new platform, blockchain and DLT will undergo multiple iterations before achieving the stability that will support the vast majority of use cases. In their initial implementation, blockchains and cryptocurrencies addressed the need for anonymous, bilateral transactions in a trustless environment. These innovations now include distributed ledger operations that use smart contracts and distributed applications to automate these bilateral transactions.

However, blockchain platforms do not yet implement the range of functionality necessary to represent complex, multi-party, long-term financial transactions that produce numerous artifacts by the host of individuals and entities who participate in the life of these transaction.

The concepts presented in this white paper illustrate Inveniam’s solution to the current limitations of the basic “Blockchain 2.0.” Inveniam deploys functions that support any complex, multi-party financial transaction for its entire lifecycle. While we are focused primarily on the structure, issuance, sale, distribution, tokenization, and trading of private debt offerings, the methods discussed here are relevant to any type of financial transaction that can be better supported using blockchain and DLT platforms.

CLICK HERE for our complete white paper providing technical details on extending blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to support the tokenization of private debt issuance.

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