Bridging the Gap Between Public and Private Debt Markets

A two-dimensional reality currently exists for public and private global debt capital markets, but with the emergence of blockchain technology the economic distinction between these is beginning to blur. To aid in this transition, Inveniam has created a platform for the tokenization of fixed income instruments capable of being listing and traded on global exchanges and Alternative Trading Systems (ATS).

Public markets offer an efficient, straightforward, and secure mechanism through which debt issuers and debt investors can connect. However, public debt issuances are often beyond the reach of small to medium-sized companies. Our tokens are secure, transparent, immutable, and efficient—and they will become the most critical element to making private fixed income transactions more accessible.

By offering a tokenized debt solution, Inveniam seeks to bring the efficiency gains of the public market to the private market. The Inveniam platform will give rise to more liquid, efficient private debt trading and fundamentally alter the way the world conceives of private debt markets.

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