Unlock the power of the distributed ledger within your organization

What We Offer

Inveniam Labs can make distributed ledger technology (DLT) a reality for your organization. By analyzing, developing, and implementing DLT solutions for our clients, we enable them to execute on their technological objectives with clarity and impact. We offer research, consulting and deployment services for small and medium-size businesses and non-profits.

We are a subsidiary of Inveniam Capital Partners, an innovative, digital marketplace that aims to revolutionize the structure and operations of middle market, private debt financing. This combined knowledge and expertise enables Inveniam Labs to provide a vast array of valuable services for our clients.


    Knowledge is power. Before attempting a full-scale DLT implementation, you must have a deep understanding of your use case and the tools required to tackle it.

    You can trust Inveniam Labs to help you navigate through the hype and find the important answers that enable you to make informed decisions about the application of blockchain or other DLTs within your organization.

    For businesses or investors evaluating an investment, we can give you an edge with our technical due diligence support.


    We use a results-focused methodology to define strategies that bring the efficiency and immutability of distributed ledger technologies to your activities.

    Our experts work side-by-side with your team to map out your strategic technology objectives, assess potential outcomes, and develop the most effective approaches for using DLT and tokenization to achieve your organization’s goals.


    Our ability to drive your implementation is backed by the powerful capabilities of the
    Inveniam.io tokenization platform. Using this technology, our experts help you to navigate the complexities of creating robust distributed ledger systems and integrating them within legacy structures.

    We handle onboarding, tech integration, testing, and scaling—from A to Z, you have the full support of an experienced team of technologists, strategists, and finance specialists.

Mission and
What We Do:

At Inveniam Labs, our mission is to serve as a trusted partner as our clients explore the possibilities of blockchain for their organizations and implement real-world distributed ledger technologies. We help our clients to become—or remain—leaders in a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Thanks to our expertise and pioneering spirit, we have forged strong partnerships with DLT-industry leaders. As a result, we are making a difference not only for our clients but for the entire industry as this technology paves the way for a better future.

Our sense of innovation, integrity, collaboration, and excellence brings us together and drives us to work tirelessly for the good of society in everything we do.

Our Core Team

At Inveniam Labs we are focused on providing timely, actionable, and impactful expertise that drives tangible results for our clients. Our
multi-disciplinary team blends technical, transactional and operational expertise with a genuine desire to help our clients achieve their goals using the most efficient, effective approaches.

In addition to the core team at Inveniam
Labs, our clients also benefit from the support of our Inveniam Capital Partners team.

You can see our full team on the Inveniam Capital Partners website.

  • Pat O’Meara CEO, Inveniam Capital Partners

    Pat has founded and led two financial advisory firms and is an internationally recognized speaker and thought leader on the functioning of Capital Markets. He is responsible for billions of dollars in new debt and equity financings and advising on $800+ million worth of transactions.

  • Sharon Kucia President

    Sharon is a strategic thinker and leader in the field of Strategic Planning and Development, with over two decades of leadership experience at Strategic Consulting firms. Her experience includes the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Boston University, and the Girl Scouts of America.

  • Rick Bunker Chief Technical Advisor

    Rick has 25+ years executive experience, in general management and software development leadership. He has worked 100+ M&A transactions, held executive level technology positions for three public companies and was CEO of a pioneer in internet delivery of consumer financial services.

  • Jeannette Spaulding Chief Strategy Officer

    Jeannette gained deep expertise in strategy, financial analysis, and portfolio management, as an investment analyst at BlackRock where her team managed $400+ billion. She was founder and CEO of Crypto Research Group, has contributed to 12+ blockchain initiatives and speaks at blockchain events globally.

  • Sean Rutherford Senior Marketing and Operations Manager

    Sean has two decades experience in marketing and communications management across various industries. He has broad experience driving mass media, communications, and public relations campaigns across multiple marketing channels, and significant experience providing technical and operations management leadership for start-ups and small businesses.

  • Ryan Dewan Technical and Communications Consultant

    Ryan is a recent graduate and active volunteer and leader at Belmont Abbey College, receiving a BA in International Business with a concentration in Economics. He is a creative thinker and has strong experience creating content and strategies across multiple social media platforms.

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Why Work With Us:

Whether you're just getting started, looking to accelerate or rescue an existing project, or you’re ready to take things to the next level, the successful execution of your project goes beyond just having an understanding of the technology. Our team brings your organization the technical and industry expertise necessary to make your DLT or tokenization project an organizational and financial success.

Distributed ledger technologies continue to transform industries across the world, however, most organizations have trouble identifying and implementing the solutions that meet their specific needs.
That’s a challenge we can solve together.

Inveniam Labs is your partner in finding solutions and breaking down the barriers that are currently preventing you from leveraging the power of tokenization. By harnessing this technology, we can make a measurable impact on your organization’s operations and bottom line.

For example, we are helping businesses to: structure and execute complex transactions more efficiently, build micro transaction solutions in a scalable manner, and access distributed marketplaces.

New DLT infrastructure is being created every day. Our team can set your organization on a forward-looking path—one that will enable you to take full advantage of new distributed markets and asset tokenization solutions across all sectors, including capital markets, energy, transport, healthcare, and philanthropy. In the future, when distributed marketplace activity increases, we will be able to apply machine learning and data analytics approaches in order to optimize participation in these markets.

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  • Insightful Investigations

    Trust Inveniam Labs to help find the important answers and perform technical due diligence so you can make informed decisions.

  • Reports and Analytics

    Rely on our extensive, multi-disciplinary research capabilities in order to analyze your organization's current reality and plan future solutions.

  • Expert Execution

    A plan is nothing without strong execution. That's why, from beginning to end, we work side-by-side with you as you implement DLT solutions.

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We’re ready to be your trusted partner as you explore the possibilities of blockchain and DLT for your organization. Please send us your questions or request a consultation.